skk (echers) wrote in callittrashing,

afi.... is a band(?)

so, i am being forced to write in this community. so now i shall rant about... things. IN A LIST.

1) bjork's new album, medulla, comes out on tuesday. IT WILL RULE. also, the song "oceania" is from the perspective of the ocean, and this is funny.
2) radiohead owns you. end of story.
3) a really good album that not enough people know about: magazine's "real life". it's old. and awesome. listen to it.
4) daisy rock girl guitars are hilarious and everyone must go to their website, find a guitar, and kill it. because they are all happy butterflies and daisies. robert smith from the cure has one. MUAHAHAHAH.
5) vox amps are awesome. AWESOME I SAY. and so is jonny greenwood.
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