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wait, it's all sounding the same...

for music fans to discuss bands, instuments, shows, etc...

[music speak]
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this is basically a site devoted to music. the bands i have listed below as well as many others are okay to talk about as far as shows, interviews, pics, news, rumours [but please be nice about them], and any other random music-related things that pop into your head. this also includes instruments, so you can discuss them as well.

there are some rules however, but it's not to try and resrict what you talk about, it's just there. the majority of them is common sense, so don't worry about it.

1. please don't inflict your bands on any other people. if you think they would like a band you listen to, you can suggest it, but don't say "if you don't listen to this band you suck, are a poseur, etc..." i know you can be kidding around, but if it hurts someone, i will warn you.

2. don't go around telling people that what they listen to\play sucks. that's no for you to decide, leave it alone.

3. you CAN advertise for other communities, but it must be music-related.

4. i can kick you out at any time, when i feel it necesary. now, i won't do it just because i don't like you, it'll probably be about what you're posting and what you say in your comments.

5. i know i'm in no position to judge people's musical taste, but as i made the community, if i feel that your music is truly horrid, then i will probably ask you to leave. sorry, but i made this site.

6. go crazy.

and that's it! no crazy questions to answer before you join, just join!